Sunday, February 20, 2011

What keeps me running?

I know for a fact that from the moment you run the first 10 minutes or three kilometers, your body seems to be very heavy and you’ll  feel an intense need to oxygenate your system. What others doesn’t know is the feeling after  crossing that first 10 minutes is a state where it’s “comfortably hard” yet you are enjoying  every mileage you passed by even though it may look endless.The insanity that every distance runner project is something that not everyone can really understand unless if they put their feet in our shoes.What keeps me wearing my running shoes almost 6x a week is something I can’t  express. I can say that I need to meet my weekly mileage or I need to practice more for an upcoming race. However, as I start hitting the road, as soon as my heart beats  at a faster rate and my body begins to heat up, plus a complete package of legpains, I realize that all these give me the rush that keeps me going. I can say then that this feeling of intense rush keeps me running.  It makes me run for more. This feeling makes me happy and this sensation  is only shared by runners.This blog is for the people who are curious about what we are doing and how we feel about running.

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