Sunday, February 20, 2011

What keeps me running?

I know for a fact that from the moment you run the first 10 minutes or three kilometers, your body seems to be very heavy and you’ll  feel an intense need to oxygenate your system. What others doesn’t know is the feeling after  crossing that first 10 minutes is a state where it’s “comfortably hard” yet you are enjoying  every mileage you passed by even though it may look endless.The insanity that every distance runner project is something that not everyone can really understand unless if they put their feet in our shoes.What keeps me wearing my running shoes almost 6x a week is something I can’t  express. I can say that I need to meet my weekly mileage or I need to practice more for an upcoming race. However, as I start hitting the road, as soon as my heart beats  at a faster rate and my body begins to heat up, plus a complete package of legpains, I realize that all these give me the rush that keeps me going. I can say then that this feeling of intense rush keeps me running.  It makes me run for more. This feeling makes me happy and this sensation  is only shared by runners.This blog is for the people who are curious about what we are doing and how we feel about running.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my running blog

At last, I managed to make my own blog. Inspired by the runners who post blogs which motivated me a lot, it’s now my turn to pay it forward. I know I suck in writing but I will give this a shot! Now let the race begin! Oh! I mean the writing begin...

Running for me, used to be just a way to shed off some fat from my fat ass. I started running way back September 2007, which was the time when running was just there to complement my training in body-building. I didn't run more than 5km that time. 30 minutes of running made me feel that my muscles were broken down and turned into energy. I sustained that lifestyle together with a high protein and moderate carb meal for almost three years. Then just last year (2010), I saw a lot of people running, and I said to myself, “I need to compete! I need to be faster! And I need to run more!” Then so I turned from a gym rat to a runner. I joined fun runs and marathons where I found the feeling of euphoria in a different way. Others may find me insane to pay P300 to P600 for every run. But let me tell them, "My run is more than the money I paid. What does your P300 do?”

It’s now almost four years that I started wearing my running shoes. With more than hundreds of kilometers of running, I’m now excited to push it more to the edge. 

Anyway, I was supposed to go running with my fellow “Dailymiler” this morning. I was happy that I won over my bed, but the heavens were not on my side. However, if it was not for the rain, I wouldn’t be able to make my first running blog.

I would like to say thank you to my family who supports me in my insanity. A big thank you to my mom, who always tells me not to run when it’s dark and/or when the road gets busy, yet in the end, she still buys me a good pair of tights. Thanks to my sister, who provides me those high-end, techy gadgets for running. And to my girlfriend, who is always there for me, who understands my passion for running even though I run impulsively sometimes and turn out to be abusing my body.

Not bad for my first blog. And so to all the runners out there, keep running and I will see you at the finish line!